About Us


Crane Bank is a leading Tier II Ugandan commercial bank established in 1995 that is now in its nineteenth year of operation. We have a branch network of 42 branches and employ over 600 staff around the country.

Crane Bank is the fourth largest commercial bank (out of twenty six) in Uganda, with an impeccable regulatory record and a solid but ever growing base of loyal East African customers and clients. We wholly own Crane Financial Services, a leading local fund manager and financial advisory firm.

Crane Bank's phenomenal growth and success is embedded in its ability to effectively mobilize deposits, control costs, and lend sensibly. Crane Bank now enjoys the lowest loan loss rate and cost income ratio in the entire Ugandan commercial banking market. It has also, over the past five years, registered the best return on equity and on assets in the market.

Growing its branch network at an average rate of two branches per year, Crane Bank has extraordinarily increased its deposits, loans and advances, and profit after tax by a factor of 20, since its establishment in 1995. Its average annual growth factor has been in the region of 36%.

Crane Bank is a local, privately owned and run commercial bank.